Direct from India hair factory 

Straight, WAVY curly

& deep CURly

Sizes from 12" to 26" Long 

3 bundles starts from just $48.88


order by 10 a.m/ ist

Quality as described or offer you a

full refund. No questions asked.

Product details:

*Nature of Products: 100% Natural Indian Virgin Temple Ra 

*Texture available: Straight/Wavy/Cury/Deep Curly

*Weftting: Double weft/*Gets slightly wavy when dampened

*Weight:   Each bundle between 3.5 and 4 ounces

*Color: Natural Gray

*Sizes:  12" -  26"


Virgin Temple Raw Hair:

Our 100% natural Indian virgin temple raw - straight weft hair extensions are of the highest quality and durability, because their cuticles remain intact and oriented in the same direction.

The straight hair of our extensions is totally 100% natural Indian Virgin Temple Raw Hair , which means it has not been chemically processed. As it has only been cleaned washed with shampoo & conditioned


Due to nature of product’s origin, our virgin remy 100% human hair extensions tend to be off black/dark brown. The straight hair bundles you receive will have a combination of both shades.


If you are planning to dye them, we suggest you to have it done by a professional stylist, in order to guarantee the product durability or hair will be damaged.

Wearing the natural hair extensions also allow you to get a wavy hair style when you want it by just dampening your hair or letting it air-dry after washing it.


To get the hair straight again you just have to use a flat iron or blow-dry the hair extensions. However please discuss a experienced skilled stylist for doing any changes of the hair.

Natural Gray Wavy


Our natural unprocessed Indian virgin temple raw hair is sourced from the Indian temple and each bundle is sourced from one single donor. It is in its natural form which mean unprocessed, Its 100% pure Indian virgin raw hair. Only in India millions of women are believe in the practice of sacrificing hair, which they donate their hair to the temple. The funds by hair selling used to improving the temple.

When we say we offer “Quality that 100% True Raw Hair”, we mean it. And more importantly, we stand behind it. If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, simply send back and we will refund your money 100%, No questions asked. Returning International shipping charge also will not be asked from you. Products must be its original condition & returning should be within three days from the delivery date. However after three  days refund is not permitted.


For Refund just complete refund request within three days from the date you received so that you will get the return instruction and return label.  Once we received back your shipment in good condition you will get the refund within one or three working days . However after three  days from the date you received  the refund is not permitted.


order by 10 a.m/ ist

Below is the example for natural gray hair

Straight, Wavy, Curly & Deep Curly 

Examples for Natural Gray Straight 

Examples for Natural  Gray Wavy 

Examples for Natural  Curly

Examples for Deep Curly


order by 10 a.m/ ist

3 bundles starts from just $48.88

Sizes from 08" to 32" Long 



When you receive the package please open smoothly & treat it as a new born baby because its from long distance and have reached into your hand after so many transiting points.

If you buy 08" to 24" use 3 bundles or

if over 26" better to buy 4 bundles.

Whenever you wish to wash use a good branded shampoo & conditioner. Next to wash open the weft hang it to nature-dry.


The Monitor you are using that monitor brightness and contrast setting may change the product's colors or texture shown in our website, Therefore these colors or textures should not be considered 100% accurate. Use it for your reference only when choosing your Hair. Also its not guaranteed to send your products similar to this images.

The images provided on this website are meant to give you an idea/example of how the different textures & colors look like. Due to the nature of products the texture or colors may vary slightly from the example shown because Its 100% Natural Temple Raw Hair.

Please reach us if you need any further clarification.

Closure 4" X 4"